4 pcs per Package

Model Number APT-1.3
Total Tank Volume Liter 1.3
Gal 0.35
Accept Volume Liter 0.4
Gal 0.11
Diameter cm 13.0
inch 5.1
Height( Base Including) cm 20.0
inch 7.9
Box Length cm 31.0
inch 12.2
Box Width cm 30.0
inch 11.8
Box Height cm 24.0
inch 9.5
N.W Kg 2.7
Lbs 5.96
G.W Kg 3.1
Lbs 6.84
Shipping Volume CUF 0.84

APT-1.3|Pressure Tank|Hydraulic Shock Arrestors|Aquasky

AQUASKY invented the leak-safe technology and applied on the stainless connector for the pre-pressurized water storage tank, and they are the standard of the industry for drinking water tank. The polypropylene liner and the butyl diaphragm are made with FDA materials and prevent water from making contact with the metal tank for cleaner, fresher and better tasting water. 
PumPlus Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurized water system that provides water pressure at a set level. The tank stores supplemental water between diaphragm and liner, and the pressurized air chamber is able to create a supply circle. This process reduces the number of times the motor need to start in order for the system pressure to remain at the set level. The tension of diaphragm maintains water pressure within the system, ensuring proper operation of the dishwasher and washing machine, and robust flow for showering and bathing. PumPlus pressure tank is an energy saving device and no maintenance is needed. A properly sized pump and pump tank will work as a team to meet your needs and will deliver many years of dependable service.
Aquasky provides the most complete and standard products. PumPlus series products are exclusive for pressure tank or storage water tank to use. PumPlus is also known as Mini-Trol.
PumPlus products has the feature of hydraulic shock. Hydraulic hammer arresting applications.  Featuring the latest diaphragm technology, HydroGuard™ shock arrestors are built to reduce or eliminate hydraulic shock, otherwise known as water hammer.