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Founded in 1998


Founded in 1998, AQUASKY Enterprise Corp humbly began in a small machine shop in Taichung, Taiwan. Today, Aquasky has evolved into a world leader diaphragm pressure tank manufacturer serving the global water treatment market. (........More)


We roll up our sleeves at Aquasky and work hard to serve our customers every day. (...more)

High Quality

The high volume of our production use the automated production machinery and testing equipment. (...more)

Competitive Prices

Our high and growing, production volume enables us to negotiate better prices for raw materials. (...more)

Customer Service

We listen to our customers, we communicate honestly, and we deliver on our commitments. (...more)

Product Line

Custom Packaging

AQUASKY is ideally positioned to be your manufacturing arm.

We have a team works on the label design and help our customer own great looking products.


AQUASKY doesn╩╝t only offer custom packaging but also the custom looking of the product. The painting technology we have, allow Aquasky provide colors selection for our customer.


We are confident of the quality and we provide the longest product warranty in the industry.